Building Your Own Web Hosting Server vs Using a Service

When selecting any server, it is important to note that many people may connect to your site at any given point in time, which means you need a server with enough RAM and an ample processor. Of course, the software used for a web host server is also crucial to the server’s operation. In order to meet the goal of delivering web pages quickly and with minimal error, you will also need a reliable internet connection, such as a T1 or T3.

Do Not Forget About Security

Security also must not be overlooked. Any software used should be efficient in preventing hackers from getting access to your site, especially if you own an e-commerce or business website. If the proper security measures are not taken, hackers can steal and change information on your site and stored credit cards can also be put at risk.

The level of encryption is another factor to consider when handling financial and personal information. Although a 128-bit encryption rate is the minimum required in the United States, you can make your connection more secure with a higher rate. The rate you should use really depends on the sensitive nature of your website.

Space and Memory

You may be surprised to learn that operating your own host server can be accomplished through almost any common home computer as long as the computer has enough memory and hard drive space. However, if your website transfers a surplus of 500MB each day and holds 100MB of data, it must have a dedicated server. Of course, setting up and running a host server requires a certain level of programming and software knowledge and a lot of time and hard work.

Consider Using a Web Hosting Company

If you do not possess the know-how it takes to create your own server, and most people do not, you should consider finding a web hosting company to provide this service to you for a reoccurring monthly fee. Thankfully, there are a few benefits to utilizing a server owned by a company; perhaps one of the biggest advantages is that the hosting company will maintain the server for you.

A web hosting company will also update any software and make sure all security measures are in place and working. But in order to locate the best hosting server for your website, you need to use one who offers what you want. This is not difficult to do as each hosting company provides slightly different packages at a variety of price points, preventing you from not only overpaying on needed features, but also paying for unnecessary features.

If you consider the future needs of your website beforehand, you can circumvent having to relocate your website to another hosting server company when your site outgrows your current hosting plan. Of course, whether you decide to create a server of your own or use a company that specializes in server hosting, the entire process requires plenty of research so you can be sure your website needs are being met.

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