Unlimited Bandwidth – Is Data Transfer Critical For Hosting Accounts?

Every web hosting plan offers different bandwidth limits. It is important that you choose a web hosting plan that offers enough bandwidth so that your site can run smoothly.

When coming to shop for web hosting company, price should not be your primary deciding factor. If you purchase a cheap web hosting plan, your website will be down most of the time because of the low bandwidth limit. The average price for a high quality shared hosting plan is $90 per year. If you pay monthly, around $10/month, as it usually costs more to pay monthly than yearly.

Data transfer is the amount of data that is downloaded from the server to the website each time a visitor performs a request. The server will process the request and display the web page to the user. The data transfer bandwidth take into account all the elements that are downloaded on the page including videos, podcasts, graphics, and text.
The word, download refers to the downloading of the file from the server to the browser. It does not necessarily mean that you are downloading a file or software. In order to view a file, it must be downloaded from the server.
For example, if a page is 50 KB and it is viewed 100 times per day, you will use up 5000 KB per day. Therefore, you should sign up for a web hosting plan that offers 150 MB (150,000 KB) of bandwidth per month.

After you have built your site, you must upload it to the server. The larger the file size, the more bandwidth it will consume. If your site has a lot of videos or podcasts, you need to purchase a web hosting plan that offer high bandwidth limit. If the pages on the site only consist of text, you can purchase a web hosting plan that offer minimal bandwidth.

It is best that you sign up for a web hosting plan that offers unlimited bandwidth. With unlimited bandwidth, you won’t have to worry about your site experiencing downtimes. In truth, unlimited bandwidth do have a limit. However, it is unlikely that your website will use up to the limit. If your site is receiving millions of visitors per month, you can sign up for a dedicated hosting plan. You can describe your requirements to the customer representative so the he or she can help you to choose the best hosting plan.

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