The Importance of Customer Service in Web Hosting

As you may or may not know, there are many web hosting companies that start-up, but eventually fail. The biggest reason as to why these companies fail is the lack of customer service. In any sort of business, customer service is vital. Hosting companies don’t like to provide customer service as it will cost them, but customers demand for customer service when it comes to hosting. In such a case, hosting companies really have no choice but to provide customer service for the hosting services they sell.

When looking for a web hosting solution, one of the biggest determining factors is the concept of customer service. There are three modes by which customer service can be provided. Hosting companies all operate websites, so the service will be accessible through the company site. The following are the modes of customer service along with their advantages and disadvantages.


  1. Phone Support: Customer service provided through a toll-free number is the best mode of communication you can have between two parties. If you have a problem with your hosting account, wouldn’t it be great to speak with someone rather than sending emails or messages across? Although this may sound very nice, it isn’t always put out this way. Hosting companies that are struggling to keep up with their services often don’t have the funds to have a toll-free number. Some websites display a number, but the number would not be active. What you can do before you signup is call the number to check its validity. Calling the customer service line would allow you to know the average wait-time to speak to someone.
  2. Live Chat: The live chat platform has been around for a long period of time, and many web hosting companies have this option available. Live chat is both secure and quick, which allows for instant response over a secure connection. In some cases, the hosting staff may go offline on the chat system, but you will still have the opportunity to leave a message for when they get back. A great thing about the live chat system is that you can get a copy of the chat you just had with a staff member. If anything goes wrong, you can use this information against the hosting company.
  3. Email/Support Tickets: This is the slowest mode of communication, as it is basically sending emails from one party to the other. You can only expect to get quick responses if there is someone on the other end at all times. Hosting companies that don’t have someone available at all times, will have the support ticket system. If you don’t know whether you should pick a hosting company that offers only email support, you could ask them for an average time frame for responses. However, taking everything into consideration, the best method of provided customer service by phone, so try to search for a company that offers this, if you want a good hosting experience.

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