The Importance of Web Hosting Reviews

Many people disregard the fact that there are thousands of web hosting reviews available online. These hosting reviews are by users who have used the service and had either a positive or negative impression of the hosting company in question. If someone has had a less than satisfactory experience with a web hosting service, there is a high chance of them ranting about it online.

There are various Web Hosting reviews available on another sites like Cast Iron Hosting, Web Hosting Geeks, or Web Hosting Talk. So, how can these web hosting reviews help you? There actually is a lot of information that a properly written review could give you. Let’s dive in!

Web Hosting Review

A typical web hosting review will be split into various categories, such as price, reliability, support, ease of use and comments.


Even though the web hosting company will list its hosting prices on its site, you may find out that they offer coupon codes through review sites. People who have purchased hosting may have had a special discount on the service. The only way you would find out is by reading the web hosting reviews. In an effort to lure new customers, several hosting companies distribute coupon codes through online forums and hosting review sites. Lurking around these sites would give you the chance to pick up on one.

Reliability and Support

Reliability is heavily based on the hosting company’s ability to offer you the best service in the industry. This would depend on the server’s uptime and connection times. If the server is going offline frequently, it would mean that your sites will be affected by this downtime. A web hosting review will tell you how reliable the servers are. If the servers are slow, you should really avoid giving them your business. In terms of support, you want a web hosting company that will be available 24/7 to help you in the event a problem arises. Web hosting reviews usually give you information on how great or unhelpful the support staff is.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is used to hosting websites and they will need to get used the control panels and its features. The ease of use section will give you some details on how easy it is to use the control panel. Most companies offer cPanel as the default control panel, but a handful have customized control panels as well. Hosting companies understand that ease of use is a critical factor affecting new customers, so they always try to offer something that is easy to get used to.


Reading these web hosting reviews will give you a wide set of information on the company’s products and services. Since many web hosting companies offer their coupons through review sites, you may even get the opportunity to stack on some discounts. The big companies in the web hosting industry will surely have some reviews that you can look up. However, for the smaller yet new hosting companies; they would still need to build up testimonials and reviews with the clients that they have.

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