Drupal Hosting – Finding the Best

Are you frustrated from the wasted hours you have spent searching for operating solutions for your brand new site? Have you heard about something called Drupal hosting? Drupal hosting is a great, reliable choice for any new website. However, just as with other types of hosts, you should make your choice with care.

Drupal Hosting Requirements

There are several key requirements for anyone wishing to use Drupal hosting. They must have recommended MySQL, PHP and either latest IIS or recent Apache. However, to get the most from Drupal hosting, it is best to have latest MySQL, PHP and IIS or Apache. URL rewriting is the biggest facet of Drupal but it does not tend to work well when using Windows or IIS hosting. So use an Apache-based host instead. Although older PHP allows Drupal to function well, using recent PHP is better. Make sure you also use updated Apache because when this is combined with recent PHP, they enhance one another’s functioning. Continue reading “Drupal Hosting – Finding the Best”