What is Shared Hosting?

If you are a business owner you probably understand how important a strong internet presence is to your success and potential for growth. With as many people as there are depending entirely on the internet for gathering information and seeking services, having a well-created website is key to building a customer base and increasing your income through your business. One of the first considerations you must undertake when planning to start a website is what type of hosting services you will need. There are two basic options, shared and dedicated, each with offer their own features and benefits.

What are Web Hosting Services?

A web host is the company that provides your website its “home”, or virtual platform, on the internet. A website must have space on the internet, and the proper processing, in order to be visible and operational to visitors. A web host will provide the server that will enable this functioning. The server is a machine, a particular type of computer, that takes in user requests and commands, processes these, interprets the information, and makes it available to others via your website. The web host will either provide this server to you for dedicated, personal use, or will support your site on the same server as other sites.

Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server offers its own benefits. It is great for a large business, or site that expects tremendous traffic and future growth. This machine enables you to take advantage of the full capacity of that particular server and create a site free of the limitations of using only a portion of a server. For small businesses or those sites that are not expansive or complicated in nature, though, dedicated servers represent wasted space, technology and money. Shared hosting services allow you to support your site with a server that is also being used by other websites. In this arrangement, the total abilities of the server are divided proportionately among the users so that each can have access to what he needs, without having to pay for unneeded space or capabilities.

Benefits of Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is ideal if you want to create a professional website but do not need huge amounts of space, memory or options. Shared hosting allows you to take advantage of group support, security and operation. For a very affordable rate you can create and maintain a site that fits your exact professional needs without the excess capabilities associated with a dedicated server. Shared hosting is the perfect choice if you are unfamiliar with the workings of websites and servers, or if you would rather establish an easy-to-manage site with provided templates and design tools. Most companies allow shared hosting users to choose from a variety of plans, from the very small to large enough to support a moderately sized business. By choosing to engage in shared services you can be assured that the technology supporting your site will always be the most up-to-date and effective.

Having a website in this age of technology is crucial for the success and longevity of businesses. Entire businesses are able to operate and thrive fully online, which gives a huge number of people access to the business, as opposed to the limited number that may just run across a brick-and-mortar store. If you are just starting out, or have a small business, choosing shared web hosting services is an ideal option for your hosting needs. You are able to take advantage of high quality features and resources, while keeping your costs down by sharing the services.

Best Shared Hosting Features

Starting a website is a great way to improve your business’s visibility. There are thousands of people at every moment signing on to the internet to gather information or find someone that will fulfill their service or product needs. With this type of exposure available, you truly can’t afford to miss out on it. One of the biggest decisions you will make when starting a website it what type of web hosting you will need. There are two basic types, shared web hosting and dedicated servers. Which you choose depends on your needs and future plans, but for most people shared web hosting services are the ideal choice.


Features of Shared Hosting

Every web hosting service offers different web hosting plans. Some offer a variety from which you can choose, each offering specifications and capabilities that allow you to customize your service. All of these have basic features in common.

  • A control panel allows you to modify the settings of your website to change the appearance and functionality whenever you wish from one place.
  • Shared web hosting plans include user-friendly design tools and templates that allow even the most inexperienced of website owners to create and maintain a polished, professional-looking and highly functional website easily and quickly.
  • Email features provide you the ability to communicate with employees, customers and leads in a professional manner. These features allow you to create mailing lists, automated mailing and effective marketing blasts that can increase the awareness of your site and your potential for customers and sales.

Shared web hosting services may represent the ideal form of web hosting for your business site. By sharing the resources of a single server with other users you will be able to use the elements you need at an affordable price. This is perfect for small business owners, or those that are just starting out. With the useful features offered by shared web hosting plans, you will be able to create a website that is not only attractive and engaging, but offers your visitors the functions they need. Shared hosting web services can support simple informative websites or lucrative ecommerce sites able to offer you the ability to promote and sell your products.

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