Why the Web Host’s Software Matters

Of all the things to consider when you are choosing a web host it is likely that what type of software that they use is one of the last things on your mind. Given the many other things to consider, from reliability to cost, it may not even enter your thinking at all.

But that would be a mistake. The software that comes with your web hosting is actually more important than you might think. For many reasons:

  • GUI. GUI stands for graphical user interface, and it’s what you see when you use the likes of Windows. It gives you a graphical presentation of what is happening at the back-end of the software, making it easier to use.For most people this is a must have. You need to be able to see what you are doing, making it easier to learn and use rather than needing indepth technical know-how. Software such as cPanel allows for this with a simple but powerful GUI.
  • Quick Installation. Two pieces of hosting software that usually come with cPanel are Fantastico and QuickInstall. These two software pieces allow for the installation of some of the most popular and most powerful free software options on the market. What would take you 20 minutes (and some tech know-how and probably headaches) now takes you about a minute and 5 or 6 clicks.With software such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, PhpBB, Wikimedia and more available for such quick install methods it can give you the best of what is available, and do so without you having to reach for the asprin!
  • Email. If you are looking to add email options for your domain then you are going to need to be able to set it up. This can be complicated without good software – but with the right software it can be (relatively) painless and simple to ensure that you get to use the email addresses that you want to.
  • Auto-Responder. Dedicated auto-responders can cost a fair bit of money. While such services are more powerful than free software you will get with your web hosting you can save money by setting up the free auto-responder that many web hosting companies include as part of their hosting services.

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